Adventures in Breastfeeding

I breastfed both of my girls. Nakiah until she was 10months. She self-weaned. I started supplementing with formula when she was 5 months old. I wish I had listened to my heart and just kept EBF her. I let myself get swayed by what everyone was telling me I should be doing.
I know so much better than that now. Nakiah had horrible eczema that made it’s presence known when she was about 6 weeks old. I thought it was regular baby acne at first, but then her face started leaking. That didn’t seem right, so we took her to the Pedi, and she said it was eczema.

I went online and started researching eczema, and found that it was almost always linked to food allergies. I had went on an elimination diet, and was down to eating meat,fruits and veggies. What I didn’t pay attention to was the fact that dairy can take up to 6 weeks to get out of your system. I also didn’t realize there were so many hidden dairy ingredients. So when her skin wasn’t clearing up, I went back to the Dr, and she told me it couldn’t be linked to food allergies. She was a great Dr. she was also a certified dermatologist. I had changed our laundry detergents, put her in 100% cotton clothing, nothing was working, or so I thought. I started supplementing more and more with the formula, and she was only nursing during the night. I was so sad when she weaned at 10 months. It was bedtime, and she didn’t want me, she wanted the bottle. Talk about heartbreaking. I was already in the midst of PPD…I couldn’t take anymore.

I wish I had known then what I know now about breastfeeding and food allergies. I did tons of research when I found out I was pg with Ava. I am so proud to say that Ava has been EBF since an hour after she was born. It feels so good to have reached this 8 month milestone. We started her on solids at 6 months, but she’s not shown much interest in them. She has her days where she’ll eat a little bit, but she much prefers to breastfeed. Which is perfectly fine with me. I’m following her lead and it feels so good…it feels so right. I can’t imagine the pain the woman who can’t BF for whatever reason feels. Ava also has eczema related to food allergies. She also has to wear 100% cotton clothing and we use a FREE detergent. I haven’t had dairy, nuts or eggs since she was born. It’s hard, but worth it.

I was talking to one of my friends on the phone one day, and she was telling me about her mom’s alfredo. It’s homemade and it’s sooooo good.It’s been years since I’ve had it. I told her I would love the recipe, so when Ava weans I can make it. She asked me why I had to wait for Ava to wean(she was 3 months at the time of this conversation)I said, because I can’t have dairy. She said to me”Your still breastfeeding her? I am so over that trying to be perfect” I was shocked. I told her I’m not trying to be perfect, just doing what’s best for my child. I do think I’m the perfect mother for my girls though. She went on to say she couldn’t go on a special diet for her kids, I reminded her of the cost of formula. that’s the difference between the two of us I guess. I’ll sacrifice food for my childs well-being. what mother wouldn’t? Her I guess….we haven’t spoken since then. I’ll have to tell you what she said to me about PPD when I was going through it with Nakiah. that will be in my PPD section of the blog.

I am so happy to have made it this far. People ask me all the time when I’m going to wean Ava, and I tell them, I’m not going to wean her. She’s going to wean herself, when she’s ready. I am so in love with being the best mom to these girls that I can be. I’m not at all the kind of mother I imagined myself to be before kids….I’m better!


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