About Me

I’m Darcel, Married to Charles.
We met working in an Assisted Living residence. I was his boss. We kept out relationship a secret for about 3 months. It was fun!
We got married and become pregnant with Nakiah(Na-ky-ah)right away. Talk about a shock. She was born in 2004
I suffered PPD/PTSD with her. Her birth was very traumatic and she almost didn’t make it. She is our miracle baby, and the child who made me a mother.
Then Ava came along in 2007. We had a wonderful homebirth with her. It was amazing! Deciding to have a homebirth is what brought me to really fall in love with natural birth. We are expecting baby 3# in May/June of 2010.
I love everything that has to do with pregnancy and birth.

We live an Attachment Parenting life. Breastfeed, Babywear, co-sleep, cloth-diaper, homebirth , and are non-vaxing.
I love being a mommy, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. I feel so very blessed.
We are all about living life to the fullest. The girls have never been to school. I researched homeschooling in 2008 and came across unschooling the same year.
We started our Unschooling way of life in April 2009.
Everyday is a new adventure.
Thanks for coming along on the ride with my family. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Darcel! Adding you to my blogroll. Beautiful blog…and way of life you have here ;).

  2. Right on…we live the breastfed, babywear, co-sleep, choth-diaper, homebirth, non-vax’d lifestyle, too! Isn’t it great?!

  3. God bless you for sharing. It is an inspiration to hear of others that have faced life’s challenges and overcome them. When my ex-wife became pregnant with my son (he’s now 16) we couldn’t believe it since her body had gone through many hardships. We considered him our miracle baby too. You and husband, enjoy the growing years, they slip away quickly.


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