Posted by: Darcel | February 16, 2010

Play & more play

I spent quite a bit of time observing the girls today while they played. I love watching them play.

Today the girls have sung and danced with Yo Gabba Gabba. Played in their new home in the nook under the stairs. Watched this video about dancing like you have ants in your pants over and over and over again 🙂

I think we need to purchase more kids song CD’s.

They were mommy to their baby’s. They even made them baby food in their kitchen.

Ava has a cold, and we’ve had to give her breathing treatments since yesterday, but that hasn’t slowed her down in her play….well maybe a little.
She climbed into my lap earlier and took a nap.

Nakiah played at girls go games for a bit. Her favorites are the ones where she can dress up the different dolls, or change their hair and makeup.

They sat on the couch together taking turns reading books to each other.

And we also iced more leftover cupcakes, and added sprinkles.



  1. Thanks for those. We’ll look them up. I had the ‘ants in your pants’ song in my head for two days. It’s a catchy tune.

  2. I would recommend “Ziggy Marley: Family Time” and Ladysmith Black Mambazo “Gift of the Tortoise”.

    My daughter loves them. Ok, me too. LOL

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