Posted by: Darcel | February 5, 2010

The Basics

I have got to stop staying up so late! Ava woke up two hours earlier today.
We made scrambled eggs, and watched Team Umi Zoomi.A couple hours later Nakiah joined us.
Then I made bacon, because they wanted nothing else but bacon.

The snow melted away earlier this week, and the girls keep asking when more will come. I wish I knew.

Today they have played computer games, colored, watched TV. We found their favorite kids song CD. We put that on and they sang and danced to that. It went through twice. I don’t think they will ever get tired of that CD.
We played it on our move down here last year, and they fell in love with it instantly.

There was dollhouse play, and of course dress up. Today they put their dress up clothes on first, and then their regular clothes on top of them. It’s usually only dress up clothes.

I can’t forget the new magnifying glasses we picked up this week. Those have been a big hit! They explored everything around the house that afternoon. Faces, books, the floor, food inside the fridge. We’re going to take them out with us on our next walk. Right now the backyard is soggy from all of the rain. I’m sure they would love to see mud and raindrops on the grass up close. Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow.

We had a parade with the stuffed animals and dolls. They can’t wait until we can go to another parade. I can’t wait until festival season starts this year.

We cuddled together on the couch, they rubbed my belly, and talked to the baby. Nakiah thinks since my stomach is bigger the baby should be here now. I have to really watch what i say to her, because she remembers everything. When it doesn’t happen the way I said it would, then I have to explain myself.

Hopefully this weekend, we can pick up more paint, and other arts/craft supplies.
I’ve been asked to make a necklace. We’ll see what kind of beads we can find.

It’s not even 4pm yet. Daddy will be home soon, and then we can make nachos for dinner.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. I love it when little ones like to talk to the baby belly. It’s so sweet. Enjoy your weekend!

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