Posted by: Darcel | January 31, 2010

Freedom at Home


Life at Home.

Unschooling in our home with a 5yr old, and a 2.5yr old.
There is always LOTS of free play. We play with blocks, baby dolls, doll houses, the Ariel mermaid salon set. There is painting, and drawing.


Playing dress up, and having a picnic.

Here is Nakiah’s drawing of a Ritz cracker.

A Monster.

Here is Ava’s drawing of a spider.

There is also lots of TV, and computer play. There was a time when I let someone else convince me that TV was not good for my children. Hogwash! They learn from EVERYTHING! They have picked up Spanish from Dora, and Diego.
Often throughout the day you can hear them counting in Spanish, and speaking what they have picked up.

My kids are free to grab a book at anytime of the day.

The girls love to help me cook/bake. They are my little kitchen helpers.


Making play doh is a favorite around here. Somehow ours always end up pink.

One day we cut up a pineapple, and broke open a coconut.




We are free to sing and dance when we want, as long as we want.

Playing dress up.

Computer games.

Some of the girls favorite sites.

Playhouse Disney


Nat Geo for kids

Girls Go Games

PBS kids

Nick Jr. games

Disney Princess

Puzzles are fun as well.


We don’t have a sandbox at the moment, but we do have rice, flour, dry beans, and cornmeal. The girls love to make their footprints with the flour and cornmeal. They use cups, spoons, bowls, pots and pans to pour and play with.

Lego’s. These are from my childhood.

No one telling us when to eat, how much of what we can eat or drink. Recess is always in session, and the best part, we learn in everything we do.
I love being able to watch my kids grow and learn in everything they do.
Here at home they are free to explore, and learn at their own pace.

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  1. Your house looks so much like mine with my boy/girl twins who will be four at the end of April. I just love this unschooled life!

  2. Darcel,
    You all look like you are having such a good time over at your house. Who says book learning is the only way to learn. Great post!

  3. […] From Darcel, a new contributor who blogs at Luv N Harmony, we have Freedom at Home. […]

  4. I want to move in!

  5. Thankyou, that was a beautiful post. I feel under a lot of pressure to start my 3 year old at school early but you eloquently have said what I think too.

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