Posted by: Darcel | January 22, 2010

Conscious Friday: Enjoy The Moments

These are a few of the great moments we had today.
I’ve tried to do a better job of savoring the good moments we have throughout our day.

I keep thinking of our life as a series of moments. They pass by so quickly. I have mental images of ones I wasn’t able to capture on film, and moments like these that I am fortunate enough to capture.

Ava decided that she needed to check on the baby. She pulled her heartbeat out of her Dr. bag, placed it on my belly, and listened to the baby.

I think it’s adorable that she calls a stethoscope a heartbeat. Too cute!

She went to check on her stuffed puppy after she was done with me.

Nakiah built what she calls ‘Sunshine City’ and Ava said she was making lots of big I’s and H’s.

Getting down and dirty making play doh.

Sculpting the play doh


Nakiah’s drawing of a Ritz Cracker.

Checking out Amazing Animals on Nat Geo Kids.

Some of the favorites were the Elephants, Penguins, Rhino’s, Bison, Puffins, Zebra, Clown Fish, Cheetahs, Brown Bear, and the Can Toad.
I think we’ll venture back there tomorrow and check out more animals.

What moments have you enjoyed today?

Conscious Friday is hosted by Se’Lah over at the Necessary Room.

You can also join in her gift of jewels project. We’re going to spread peace & love all over the world! Sign up by Jan 30th.



  1. thank you and the girls for taking the time to stop by and see our “rainbow” photos. Your daughters are beautiful, but then you know that. 😉 Sharing videos and stories for the day, sounds like a great together time. And time does pass quickly, too quickly, as I look at my grandson who will soon be turning 4 and wonder where those years went. You are a good mom.

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