Posted by: Darcel | January 14, 2010


The morning started off with dress up and books. Puzzle books, coloring books, notebooks.

We counted in Spanish, talked about shapes and colors.
Then the girls went off on their own Little Einsteins adventure. They have done a lot of pretend play lately. Telling stories, re-enacting stories, and tv shows.

This afternoon we ventured outdoors.
We found several different prints along the sidewalk. The girls helped point some out to me. They really should have their own cameras.

Doggie prints

We aren’t sure what made this print, but it looks like an A

We think that maybe someone dropped extra concrete after it was poured to make these clumps.

Big & little foot prints. Nakiah said someone was walking with their mommy, like we did today.

Break for self portraits!

A tire track. We wondered what could have made such a small tire track.
A Big Wheel, maybe?

Another set of what looks like doggie prints. Nakiah said they looked like pellets.

Back inside, we made Birthday cards for daddy.
Today is his birthday, but he had to work all day šŸ˜¦

We’re having a surprise celebration for him this weekend though.

I’m sure we’ll get into more adventures as the night goes on. We have at least 4 hours from now until the little one falls asleep.

p.s. I changed the name of our blog. Now it matches the URL like it used to.
Luv N Harmony.


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