Posted by: Darcel | January 10, 2010

Coconut & Pineapple

I decided to pick up some things we wouldn’t normally bring home from the store.

The girls had fun shaking the coconut and listening to the milk swish around in there.
The pineapple had some juice in it too, and neither tasted the way we thought it would.

First we opened the coconut.

The girls smelled it, but they didn’t want to taste the milk inside. They said it was nasty.
This is the closest Nakiah came to tasting it.

The coconut milk wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, but the meat did taste just like I thought it would.
Nakiah decided to sample some.
We had almost a cup of coconut milk. I was surprised by how much came out of it.

Time for the pineapple!

Both girls decided to taste the pineapple. Nakiah liked it, but Ava didn’t.
I thought it tasted just as sweet as the canned pineapple.

After tasting the pineapple, the girls wanted to cut it up and make soup with the coconut milk.




  1. They’re ready for the Caribbean now!

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