Posted by: Darcel | December 21, 2009

Reading and writing


Nakiah has become more and more interested in letters, numbers and words recently.
She’s writing more and more letters of the alphabet. She loves to copy them from all over the place. Sometimes we’ll sit in the driveway and she’ll copy the letters off my dads van. When we are out and about, she wants to know what signs say. She knows STOP very well. She likes to look through the newspaper ads, because she recognizes some of the stores. Walmart, K Mart, Target. Then she likes to copy those letters onto a piece of paper.
Sometimes she wants help putting them in their correct order, and others she writes them down however she wants.

She also has become interested in numbers. She likes to write those out too. Today at the park, she wrote different letters of the alphabet, and several numbers. She said “look mommy, big and little letters to match each other”
Now she likes to write down the mommy and baby letters. She knows the numbers don’t have a upper and lower case.
I love watching her and helping her when she invites me to. This is the beauty of unschooling, I’m not forcing anything on her, she is learning on her own, in her own time.

The websites and have games where you use the mouse to key in the phone number and talk to someone. The girls loves those games. Sometimes Nakiah will ask for my help, but most of the time the girls like to play around with different numbers to see what happens.

When we read books, she will stop us to ask what certain words are. Lately the girls like to read the books themselves, or they will read them to us or each other.
Ava likes to point out the different letters to us.

It’s really fascinating to watch them.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have enjoyed reading yours, your girls are just gorgeous!

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