Posted by: Darcel | December 15, 2009

Out & About

When ever we go out, the girls see something related to Christmas. They get so excited.
It is interesting to see how different people and places decorate for Christmas. Lights line the trees and buildings at night. Some people have wrapping paper on their doors with a big red bow.

They seem to enjoy whats right here in our own neighborhood the most. Whenever we pass a house that’s decorated they shout” look mommy, it’s Christmas!”

Some have reindeers in their yard, Santa in a snowglobe. They got a kick out of the Charlie Brown characters on ice skates. They’ve recently discovered Charlie Brown this year, with all of the different specials they run on TV all month.

While we were out and about we ran into a dog. We haven’t had a dog in the house since Nakiah was around 8 months old. One was a Siberian Husky puppy with gorgeous blue eyes. Ava kept asking why he was jumping around, and Nakiah wanted to know why he kept trying to run at us. I tried to explain to them that he was happy to see us and wanted to play. They weren’t buying it.

As we continued on our walk, Nakiah spotted a squirrel eating at the bottom of a tree. We stood as still as possible so we didn’t scare him off.
There were tons of acorns all over the ground, so we picked up a few to take a look at what he was probably munching on.
Of course we took some home with us.

It was nice getting out and exploring for a bit today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings 🙂


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