Posted by: Darcel | November 18, 2009

Checking out the Fall scenery

That’s what we’ve been up to the past few days. Yesterday was kind of cold and windy, but that never stops the girls from wanting to go out. On Monday it was really nice out. The sun was shining and it was actually warm out.

We took a walk to the store, and they stomped through all of the leaves on the ground. Kicking them, throwing them up into the air.
On our way back home we stopped at the park to swing and slide. I think they enjoyed the sand with the leaves in it most.
They made castles and topped them with the different leaves. They made cakes and used the leaves as the icing and for decoration.
The sand was still a little damp fro the Tropical storm that pounded us days before. So they loved that no matter what they made out of it, it stayed put.

It was so nice to be out and enjoy the sunshine. I played in the sand myself, and I love to swing, so I enjoyed that too.
I’m 14 weeks now and the girls keep asking about the baby. They want a sister so bad. I’m excited to start preparations for this upcoming baby.

We are moving. We found the perfect place around the corner from where we live now. Much more yard space for the girls, and it’s still fenced in. I love that!
More space on the inside too. I’m going to love cooking and doing crafts in the kitchen with the girls. There is even a little cut out under the stairs with a door. I’m sure the girls will use that as their space. Hubby and I already talked about getting some pillows, blankets and lights for them, to make it more comfy.

I love the backyard space. We have room for a garden now, and we can also make the girls a nice size sandbox.
I can also plant lots of flowers and plants by the front door and directly in front of the house. I’m so excited already! I’m constantly thinking of all the different adventures and activities will be doing there this winter and next spring/summer.



  1. you will have lots of memorable moments in that backyard 😉

  2. sounds lovely 🙂

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