Posted by: Se'Lah | October 25, 2009

guest post: give ’em an inch…

It is both a pleasure and an honour to be a guest blogger here at Authentically Unique.  Although my daughter attends a traditional school system, she is certainly anything but traditional.  To promote an environment where she can be a free learner, we spend some time unschooling.  I relish that one-on-one time, especially when it’s about her favourite subject, Mother Nature. 😉 

This weekend was quite rainy.  As we began our nature walk, my daughter spotted a  really cool reflection of autumn leaves in a puddle in the parking lot.


There, slowly crossing our path was this earthworm. 

earthworm on leaf

My daughter gently picked it up and examined it up close.  Such perfect weather to observe the magnificence of earthworms, I thought.   And there, my friends, is where we took the path less travelled.

Why don’t we make an earthworm observation chamber?  Yeah.  Why don’t we?  We ran inside and scoured the house to gather the necessary materials. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

* a shoe box

* a plastic trash bag

* plastic wrap

* tape

* leaves 

* dead plants

* soil and

* earthworms.


*Line the box with the plastic trash bag and secure it in place with tape.  This will make the box waterproof. 

*Fill the box with damp soil and put in some earthworms from the yard. 

earthworm in dirt

*Watch as the worms burrow down into the soil, then sprinkle the plants and leaves on the surface.

feed the worms

*Cover the box with plastic wrap.  Punch tiny holes to let in air.  Make sure the holes aren’t big enough for the worms to crawl through 🙂 

*Now, enjoy your earthworm observation chamber and see how long it takes for the leaves and plants to disappear.  Remember to keep the soil damp.


*Dearest Darcel,

Thank you most graciously for having us over.  I hope that you and the girls enjoyed our visit.  We surely did.  Sending lots of positive vibes your way. 

One Love.  Se’Lah



  1. I found a ton of slugs yesterday under our pumpkins in the mulch, but no earthworms….you must have all of them….trade ?

  2. Wow! Se’Lah, you remind me how fascinating learning can be! I don’t get around in blogland much these days but I’m so happy that I followed you over here at Authentially Unique! You are all unique!

    Darcel, Hope you are feeling well!

    Sending stillness and peace your way, always!

  3. That explains the earthworm. What a fun idea!

  4. Such a delightful post, Se’Lah! Fun to see you here, and meet your friend Darcel. :o) I remember doing these earthworm observations in grade school…oh, this takes me back! Do I have the guts now to pick up an earthworm?! ;o) At age 8 all is possible… Need to get in touch with the inner child. But I’m Nature lover, so got a good start. Happy Day, Se’Lah. And to you too, Darcel! ((HUGS))

  5. Hi Darcel! I hope you are feeling well today. I found your blog through Se’Lah. That is so cute that your girls are hoping for a rainy day to do this nature project!

    Se’Lah, this is the coolest idea!

  6. Thank you so much for guest posting Se’Lah!
    As I told you yesterday, the girls love it. They kept asking to see the worm on the leaf.

    I am in love with the beautiful fall colors you’ve captured.Fall is my favorite time of year.
    They keep asking me when it’s going to rain again. They are so cute, they want to find worms so they can make their own box.

  7. a great way to spend time, with your sweet daughter. Mother nature, never fails.

  8. What a pleasure to find you here Se’Lah 🙂 Gorgeous pictures and your earthworm observation chamber looks fascinating!

    Much love to both you and Darcel and your families 🙂

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