Posted by: Darcel | September 21, 2009

Spider Watch

We’ve had this spider hanging out by our back door for a few days now. At first it started out just hanging above the door. The next day we check and the spider has made a web. It connected from our back door to my husbands bike against the fence. That was a pretty long way!

That one got torn down by hubby, and the spider went back to hanging by the door.
The girls were fascinated, and so was I. We were able to watch the spider build her web this time. So cool! I’ve never seen a spider in real life make it’s web.

We left her there for several days and we would watch her eat the bugs that landed in the web.
Every morning the girls would come downstairs, and the first thing they would look for….make sure the spider was still there in her web.

That was a very interesting experience. Hubby took the spider and web down last night. We got tired of walking all the way around the front and side to get to the back yard.
But we all enjoyed having our little spider friend for that short time.



  1. we had a jumping spider that liked the sunny spot above the living room drapes. My kids named him wolfgang and observed him until he ceased to be.

    I’m kaye, I’m your partner in Lisa’s Christmas Ornament Swap. I think this will be fun. Hope to get to know you a little bit.

  2. We have a “pet spider” in the backyard. Very cool.

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