Posted by: Darcel | September 10, 2009

What we’ve been up to

It’s been rainy the past few days here. I suppose from the Hurricane.

Today we watched the Panda from the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Cam
We check on mama and her new baby boy several times a day. Ava especially enjoys watching. She must know where the baby is at all times.

The girls have been super hero’s and princesses. They dressed up with coats,hats and heels and told me they were going to the store with the Lion on it(Food Lion)

We found out on Sunday that we’re pregnant again, and we are so excited! Due in May.
I’ve been watching birth videos on you tube and the girls watch with me. I’m surprised at how much they love them. They ask me everyday when the baby and my belly are going to grow and get bigger.

Every baby they see they want to hold and say it’s their baby.
I’m glad they are excited. We’re going to do our best to prepare them both for their new sibling. I think Ava may have the hardest time adjusting, but I could be wrong.

The other day we picked up some coloring books and crayons. We had got home and the girls went to work with them. One was a Super Why work book that Nakiah had picked out.
She called me over to color with her, and I started looking for a page to color,I came across some of her work. There were the capital letters B-M-C-W-T
The instructions said to draw a line from the animal to the letter it starts with, well she doesn’t read yet so she did her own thing 🙂
She had copied the letters right next to the printed ones. I was impressed! She has been writing several letters and numbers for a while now. None were the ones listed in the book that she copied. It’s going up on the fridge. I was so proud and she was so nonchalant about it. Simply wonderful!

Unschooling is beautiful and amazing.



  1. Congrats again.

    Unschooling sounds beautiful and amazing!

  2. Hey! Not checked in for a couple of weeks – and what beautiful news 🙂 Many congratulations xx

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You must be so excited.

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