Posted by: Darcel | August 26, 2009

To The Zoo

I always love going to the zoo. I enjoy it as much as they girls do.

They had a fountain area when you first walk in. Some kids were in swimsuits and others in their clothes. Most were running and jumping through the water shooting up from the ground.
Ava wanted nothing to do with it, and Nakiah eased into it. Eventually she was soaked from top to bottom. She loved walking around in wet clothes because it was really hot outside.

After playing in the water, we went to see the farm animals. We fed the goats. Nakiah loved that. Some of the goats were standing up on the fence and there were two cute kids.
We were able tp pet the bull and the cow, they both came right up to the fence.
I never noticed how pretty their eyes are.

Next was the pigs, hogs, chickens, and rabbits. We even saw a beautiful white owl.

We made our way to the reptiles. Ava loves looking at the snakes. She wanted to touch them so bad, but they were all behind the glass.

Nakiah’s favorite were the elephants and zebras. Ava loved the giraffes. They had a walk up so we went to the top and had a great view of the elephants and giraffes.

I can’t forget the peacock who roamed the zoo freely. Such beautiful birds.
We fed the ducks. They were right at our feet. I remember feeding the birds when I was younger. I forgot how much fun it is.

We saw kangaroos, and we walked through the butterfly garden.
There were foxes, meerkats, and a red panda that looked like a fox.
Bald Eagles, a buzzard, swan, and turtles.

They also had a train ride. Nakiah loved it, she said it was her favorite part.

Before we left the zoo we stopped at the park. It was a very big park, lots of shelters and tons of room for the kids to run and play.
A stop at McDonald’s and then we arrived home for more play out in the front yard with friends.


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