Posted by: Darcel | June 24, 2009

Natural curiosity

It wasn’t planned that way. There is a little fan that sits on the shelf in my dads room. The girls were in there this morning playing with it. Pushing the buttons to turn it on and off, realizing different buttons made the fan blow harder.
Nakiah grabbed a piece of paper and held it in front of the van, it flew for a second and then dropped to the ground.
She did that several times before moving on to other things in the room. She tried a paper clip, a sea shell and a receipt. She giggled when the paper flew in the air for that brief moment. She started shouting “yook mommy did you see it fly like the other paper.” She was grinning so big.

Ava figured out how to turn the pages of a book like a big girl. She held the book in her hands and watched the pages slide past her thumb. She did it over and over again with the same book, and then moved on to others to see if she could flip the pages on those too. The look on her face was so cute. She went from concentration to wonder.

I cherish these moments. I love to watch them play.

It reminds me of Nakiah playing in the sand when she was younger.




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  2. Truly moments to cherish, and a wonderful picture 🙂

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