Posted by: Darcel | June 12, 2009

Conscious Friday- The Benefit of the Doubt

I love these daily emails I get from The Daily Groove. This is my 1st time joining in on Conscious Friday. For more check out Se’Lah at the Necessary Room
I love this blog. It’s calming and always insipirational.

:: The Benefit of the Doubt ::

Have you ever been upset with someone for doing or
saying something, only to realize later that you
had misunderstood them, and you wished you’d given
them “the benefit of the doubt”?

Truth is, everyone deserves that benefit, because
ALL upsets are misunderstandings born of

And no one deserves that benefit more than children.
The younger they are, the more their words and
actions are merely “experimental,” or rough
approximations of things they’ve observed. They’re
trying to figure out how life works.

When you give them the benefit of the doubt (for
example, by not taking it personally when they
experiment with unkind words they’ve heard others
use), children learn that their relationship with
you is a safe place in which to grow.

And you benefit yourself, too, because you’re
doubting your “reason” for being upset. With no
such reason, you’re left with the simple pleasures
of inner peace, heart-felt connection, and
appreciation of Life’s endless unfolding.

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  1. I was inspired by this Daily Groove too! It’s interesting reading this today, because Sunnyboy dropped a small plastic toy he was looking at in a shop today (it didn’t even break) and several people in the shop started making noises as if he was a vandal. I think if an adult had accidently dropped something no-one would have assumed it was intentional and people would have been understanding.

  2. It is so true that the children try out new phrases and tones of voice. As mine get older I still fall into the trap of reacting as if it were not experimental. Maybe I need to regard a lot of what adults say as experimental too???

  3. Glad to have you join in raising awareness for Conscious Friday! Thanks so much for the kind words as well. I equally enjoy visiting your blog.

    I love this perspective. It is definitely something to keep in mind and we reassure our children that they are indeed safe with us.

    One Love.

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