Posted by: Darcel | June 11, 2009

Making Music

My girls love to put on shows and use the fireplace as a stage.
They sing, dance, and tell us stories. Photobucket


They sing and dance all day. They love music. Someone always has a song in his/her head in our house. We are working on turning our dining room into a play room for them. It’s going to be great. My girls will have their own music corner in their new play room.
I know they are going to love it.



  1. Hi Darcel, Thanks for your comments on my blog. Since we had a sick day today I decided it was a good day to sit on my butt and catch up on others’ blogs – something I don’t get to do as often as I would like! So I’ve been enjoying visiting here with you and your gorgeous girls! This entry with the fireplace stage brought me back a memory – my brother and I used to spread a blanket on the floor at our grandma’s house, and that was the stage upon which we delivered many a great performance!

  2. Sweet pictures!

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