Posted by: Darcel | June 8, 2009

Nothing but fun

We started our morning off with readingPhotobucket

Observed Nakiah from far away. I found out that she had put lotion in a soda cap and she was dotting it all over her arm and rubbing it in.Photobucket

After that we went to the park. It was so hot and sunny. I wonder why there aren’t more shade trees at the parks around here?

Later on we met up with our neighbors and laughed and played.
There was racing up and down the driveway. Chasing each other around the car. Enjoying Icee pops, watching the birds, spying cats under cars. Seeing what shapes we could find in the clouds. Playing Ring Around the Rosie, singing our ABC’s.

We finished the evening off with the boys searching for snakes and spiders and the girls relaxing.Photobucket



  1. Awww, that first picture is so cute!

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