Posted by: Darcel | June 5, 2009


This morning we started our day by watching National Geographic. The girls LOVE this channel. They were talking about snakes this morning.
We learned about water snakes. They were in a swamp on a boat and this man would literally jump at these snakes to catch them. He got bit a few times and had some blood.
Nakiah says “mommy he’s bleeding…he needs to leave the snake alone”

We also saw a snake lay her eggs underground. She was digging the hole with her neck. Grabbing it and pulling it out. That was so cool! They were nice size eggs. We also found our that reptiles leave their young. I didn’t know that!

Next we saw the baby snakes crawl out of the ground and smell their surroundings with their tongue. Nakiah that thought was weird.
Then they showed us a snake crawling up a tree…..she went inside this hole and there were several baby ducklings. The ducklings knew they only had one choice. They jumped and landed in some mulch. All the snake could do was watch her meal walk away.

It was a very interesting and exciting morning. I love moments like those where we all learn something new together.

This afternoon we watched the storm roll in. Charles was looking at these pictures a few minutes ago and he said this one looks like a man with a fist. It really does!

This one looks like the man with both fists coming down. And about 5 minutes after we walked in the house it poured like crazy.

While we waited several storms out and had lunch we watched some videos on you tube. Cats Ava loved the cats play fighting. And Beautiful Horses Our favorite is the black and white with the skirt legs.
I think our favorite was Baby Animals and Their Mothers

This evening the girls went outside to play in the puddles the rain left at the bottom of the driveway.Photobucket




Who says rainy days are boring.



  1. I love the puddle pictures! So much fun 🙂

  2. Those puddles look fun. It’s been forecasted to rain here for the past week but all we’ve had was sunshine!

  3. That sky is GORGEOUS! And the girls are even more so 😉

  4. i absolutely love visiting here. national geographic has got to be one of my favourite educational shows.

    the girls look like they welcomed the rain. beautiful children you’ve got!

  5. Wow what a sky ! Rain can be funny but not when it is cold ! I had to put the heating on in June ! imagine. You are right Morocco looks like out of a movie and on purpose a lot of movies have been and are shot there ! I will write about that later. Amongst others the “Mummy” had been made there too.

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