Posted by: Darcel | May 22, 2009


It was a hot one today. I opened the windows, turned the fans on and we enjoyed the breeze and sunshine.
The girls slept in until 10 this morning, but once they came downstairs they wanted to play their games.


When they were done with their games we went outside for a bit.
I ordered pizza for lunch, the girls chased each other around the front yard, and I enjoyed watching them run and giggle.
We blew bubbles and wrote our names on the driveway.

We walked to the store. We’ve been walking everyday. Sometimes with a destination in mind and sometimes not.
Along the way we stopped at our car checkpoints to look all ways to make sure there were no cars coming.
Nakiah likes the checkpoints. She lets me know when one is coming up.
One of the neighbor boys saw us walking up the street and met us at the driveway. He asked if the girls could play and off they went. More running and giggling.
Nakiah and her friend were even running towards the back holding hands. Too cute!
I needed to get the bags up so we told our friend we would be back out later. Nakiah runs to the back and comes back inside with her flowers and she found a vase for them.





  1. A beautiful flower arrangement! I love their serious faces in the picture of them playing their games 🙂

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