Posted by: Darcel | May 21, 2009

What we did today

We started the day inn the backyard. I was picking up the shells out of the yard and found a couple of slugs.
Nakiah and Ava were so excited. They explored the slugs for quite a while

Nakiah wanted their garden full of water. No problem!Photobucket

The view from our backyard. Nakiah got her clouds today

After a bath and Ava’s nap we headed back outside to play with some noodles.I thought we could spell our names, but the girls wanted to make castles.



What a beautiful day to be outside.



  1. Oop, think I posted my comment in the wrong place, was reading your post about attraction. Gotta be careful with attraction and slugs – have far, far too many already chomping down in my garden.

  2. I love this way of describing how to notice what is working and give attention to those behaviors to help them grow.

  3. Looks like a great day and beautiful sunshine. Finding slugs is great fun!

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