Posted by: Darcel | May 20, 2009


We used our wooden blocks and foam blocks to build towers and bridges.
Nakiah had the foam dinosaurs roaming around town and Ava drove cars through the streets.
Then we watched daddy play Burnout and Nakiah wanted her turn. She played better then me! She loved it. Charles left her alone with his xbox. Wow, he must really trust her. I was sitting there the whole time, but he usually doesn’t leave the room.

He picked up a couple of movies and one of them was The Prince of Egypt
Of course Nakiah wanted to watch it because she saw a girl on the cover.
The girls didn’t make it through the movie. Ava ended up on my lap looking at pictures and after a while they both fell asleep.
The half of the movie Nakiah saw she really liked.
She loved all of the music. I have a feeling she will ask to watch it again sometime tomorrow.



  1. It does sound fun at your house 🙂

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