Posted by: Darcel | May 13, 2009

Around the neighborhood

Beautiful sunshine in our backyard this morning. We started by painting some of the shells and rocks we found at the beach.
After breakfast we went for a walk and Nakiah was the guide. Around the corner from our place we found dog prints in the sidewalk. Either it was a stray that had walked over fresh concrete or someone walked their dog over the fresh concrete. Either way it was cute. Nakiah and Ava giggled half way down the block following the paw prints.

Nakiah stopped at every set of mailboxes along the way, pointing our that she was going to be 5 and Ava will be 2.
Then they explored the painted addresses on the curb. They stopped to smell every flower in every yard. We saw red roses, bushes with flowers in them, crabapple trees, and pink peonies. We had peonies in our yard growing up. I remember watching the ants lick them. I would have loved to pick some of them, but we didn’t.
Maybe we’ll try to grown some on the side of our house next spring.

We ended up at the park, and we took turns pushing each other on the swings. Ava even pushed her baby and Nakiah’s Ziggy in the baby swing.
The girls made a garden out of woodchips, sand and grass. Then they chased each other up the stairs and down the slide for about 10 minutes.
We got hungry for lunch so we headed back home.
We walked through the field and found sewer hole. They had fun yelling down and hearing their echo.
Then we found some tiny yellow flowers in the middle of the field.
We saw lots of Robins in the field. Nakiah says ” mommy the birds are looking for bugs and worms, but no worms because no rain”
We’re expecting rain tomorrow and the girls love to look at the worms in the backyard after it rains.

It was a very nice walk and a great way to start the day.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to start the day!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful day!

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