Posted by: Darcel | May 11, 2009

Mother’s Day Weekend

Everyone was home on Saturday so we decided to try a new park. We went to First Landing State Park.
As we’re driving through Nakiah says “Ava we are in the forest.”
We walked one of the trails. We walked for over a mile. I have to tell you I have a serious phobia of bugs. I did very well considering there was a bug or insect landing on me every 2 feet.
The girls stopped and looked at every bug. At one point we saw a family of dragon flies. A pretty turquoise one hovered right in front of Ava’s face for about 10 seconds. Our camera is working but we can’t get pics off of it. Unfortunately we don’t have any pics from our lovely weekend 😦
Never fear! I included links for your viewing pleasure. We don’t have a set of encyclopedias yet so we look everything up when we get home.

We saw big beautiful butterflies. Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Nakiah spotted a moth and the convo went like this

Nakiah- mommy they are family
Me- who’s family? Our family?
N- the butterfly and moth, they share the same family.

I think she was frustrated with me because I didn’t get it right away.

It was a very wet, humid trail. I suppose it didn’t help that the temp was 90.
We saw Spanish moss walking across the bridges. Charles grabbed some off the trees for the girls to touch. It’s not as soft as it looks, but still very cool.
As we were walking Ava shouts “look spiders!” I don’t know how she saw them, they were so low to the ground on the leaves. There were 3
Daddy longlegs each on their own leaf. Ava was so close to them she could’ve kissed them. The girls were fascinated by them. When I was growing up we had them in our backyard. They were all over our garage. It was great to see the girls explore the same thing I enjoyed exploring when I was growing up.

We were looking for turtles because the sign said there were turtles on the trail we took. I found something just as cool. A toad! It was so tiny and cute. I called the girls and my dad over and we all watched it hop along this log. Charles caught it and held it in the palm of his hand. Complete silence.
Of course neither one of them wanted to touch it, but how cool to see it up close and personal.

We drove over to the other side of the park and were so happy to see Chesapeake Bay Beach. This one is more for the locals. It was so quiet and peaceful. Ava was asleep on me in our Napsack, and Nakiah ran straight to the water.
I was beating myself up for not packing our swimsuits, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.
I found some shells and a crabs pincher and the skin of a crab. Too cool!
It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

On Sunday I wanted to go back to the beach. Our tradition is that on birthday’s and Mother’s/Father’s Day we get to do whatever we want. It’s been working out quite well.
It was 15 degrees cooler, but still lovely. This time we walked the beach and we found real live sand crabs. They were all over the place. We got to watch them burrow into the sand, and we saw their tiny track to and from their holes in the sand.
Nakiah was the first one to spot them, she thought they were spiders at first.
On our walk back down the beach Nakiah became interested in shells. She picked up every single one she saw. I was carrying them in the front of my shirt like a pouch. She picked out some great ones too. Charles found several pieces of coral and I found a dead shrimp.
We stayed until almost everyone had gone home. It was the 2nd best Mothers Day. The first was the one after Nakiah was born.
I hope everyone else had a weekend as great as ours!



  1. Hey there, I came over from MDC. First Landing State Park is my favorite. Love going to the beach there too.

  2. I’m pleased you had a great weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day. Your visit to the park sounds awesome and you found so many things to look at!

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