Posted by: Darcel | April 30, 2009

Lazy Thursday

We started our day with pancakes this morning. We stayed in our PJ’s until after lunch, but then it was just pink polos for painting.

Nakiah painted a rock and Ava painted a paper towel roll.Photobucket

We used our stamps to paint with too. I showed Ava how to do it and she loved it.Photobucket

Ava took a nap later and I watched the Ant Bully with Nakiah.
I was surprised she actually let me sit with her for more then 5 mins.

The girls helped me organize some of their books. We have a pretty nice collection of Dr Seuss going on. Including one of my favs when I was a little girl ‘I can read with my eyes shut’
It’s amazing to read the same book that I read to my kids.

Nakiah has fallen in love with Girls go Games
It’s a really cool site. I found it here
She loves to pt makeup on the girls and change their hair. Her favs are the anime characters. She loves anime and anything princess. I’ll have to find her some anime books.

And at this very moment they are racing cars down the hallway. The kind you have to pull back and then let go.

Oh and we don’t have roses growing. We aren’t sure what kind of flowers they are. That’s tomorrow’s quest.
I’ll have to post updated pics. They are really pretty.
I just assumed they were roses because of the thorns. I get to learn something new!


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