Posted by: Darcel | April 28, 2009

Manic Monday

It was 80 degrees at 9am yesterday morning. Wonderful. The girls were outside right away, and that’s where the spent most of the day.
They played with their kitchen.
They had about 4 popsicles each after lunch and several more as the day went on.
They played with sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. They even asked for apples and oranges for a snack. I was very surprised. I think the fact they they picked them out at the store helped.

Nakiah also found strawberries in the front yard. I guess they do grow wild.
We looked at our neighbors flowers and bushes. I’m hoping to plant a flower bed with the girls. That will be so much fun.
Ava is potty training herself. Yay! It’s amazing because we have never told her she needs to use the potty, she just started doing it.

It was getting dark and we headed outside to hang out. It was warm and the wind was blowing. You couldn’t see the stars yet, but Nakiah pointed out the moon to us very quickly. She loves the moon. Especially when she can see it in the daylight.
They played hid-n-seek with daddy. Well Ava wanted up, but Charles and Nakiah ran all over the front yard.

It was such a busy day yesterday. Just the way I like it.
Hopefully I’ll actually get to post today what we did today.


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