Posted by: Darcel | April 25, 2009

Nakiah’s photo session

Nakiah saw me uploading the other pictures earlier, so she wanted to see the camera. It wasn’t on at first, but once she figured it out, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She took several pictures, and named everything. Future Photographer? Hmmm…maybe 🙂

A pic off of the computer
Nakiah's late nite pics

The stroller
the stroller

The horsethe horse

Mommy’s pursemy purse

Mommy- wow that’s close

The Penguins of MadagascarPenguins of Madagascar



  1. Her titles were cracking me up! ‘The stroller.’ So dry. lol And I love your glasses!

    If you post a Snapshot Sunday, just comment on my post and I’ll add you to the list, even if it’s tomorrow.

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