Posted by: Darcel | April 17, 2009

Two Must Reads.

I’ve read two really great books this year. They have changed my life dramatically, and it’s still changing. I feel closer to my husband and our girls. Reading this book and applying the scripture to my life has saved and healed my marriage.
The first one is Created To Be His Help Meet

I would like to thank my friend Kati for  suggesting it to me. It came at the perfect time.

There is also a workbook that goes along with this book. I can’t wait to go through the book again with it.

This is a really great book. It talks about the woman’s role in the marriage.
They also talk about the man’s role in the marriage.
I think every woman who is married, or thinking of getting married should read this book.

The second book I found at a local homeschool bookstore. I can’t believe it was in the free box! Home by Choice

This book also spoke to my heart. This past winter I really started to question my staying home. After the move I started to feel more secure in my decision again. Last week we went to the book store and I found Home by Choice. I finished it in 4 days. It’s a pretty fast read.
I loved it! This cook is great for SAHM’s, working moms who want to stay home but may be on the fence. It’s even great for husbands to read.

Have a great weekend!


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