Posted by: Darcel | October 17, 2008


It’s bedtime at our house. A very late bedtime. It’s 10pm. I’m getting the girls ready for bed. I remember it’s time for their breathing treatments, so we head into the living room. Nakiah is less then egar for her treatment. My usual “it will make  you feel better” doesn’t work this time. She hops off the couch, grabs two books and climbs back onto the couch. I start her nebulizer and she hands me a book. It’s a ‘1 2 3 count with me book’ I guess she changed her mind because she took that one from me and handed me ‘Baby’s 1st Word book’ She opens it up, and I ask her to hold it this time and read it to me. She points to the door, and I say it’s a door. She then point to the window, and I say, yup, it’s a window. I ask her…where are the stairs? She pauses for a moment, point at the stairs in her book, looks up and points to our stairs. She uses her middle finger when she points. It’s so cute! She points at the steps in the book again, and looks up at our stairs again. After about 30 seconds it was like a lightbulb moment. She hops down off the couch, walks towards the staircase, and says “yook” (because she has trouble with her L’s, she uses a Y) as she points to our door, then points to the door in the book. I’m still sitting on the couch and finally turn off the nebulizer. I said….yup that’s a door, good job! She smiles and her eyes light up with that child like innocence and excitement. She says “c’mon mommy’ I grab Ava and we walk up the steps. She stops at the bathroom and says “yook” She points to the book twice with her middle finger, balances the book on her knee and points to our tub. I smile even bigger this time, and say “yup, it’s a bathtub”. She smiles again and this time I notice her dimples. They’ve always been there, I remember seeing them for the first time she smiled at me when she was a baby. What’s so great about her smile and her dimples this time? It’s like I’m looking at he for the first time…

She says “yook” and point to the bed in the book, then points to our bed. She balances the book on her knee again, turns the page and says “c’mon” Charles is now coming along for the ride. She points to a dress in the book, and then opens her PJ drawer and points to her pj’s. We’re thinking that’s close enough, but then we realize the dress in the bok reminds her of her nightgowns. To her they are dresses. She says yook, points to the socks in the book, and then points to the socks in her drawer. We’re smiling and her eyes are lighting up again. I love seeing her like this.  She is so smart, sweet and proud of herself. She says yook, and points to the swingset,the slide,the bus,and the airplane and says yook…while she’s pointing and circling everything I mentiond above and says, yook it’s all outside. Then she points to the house in the book, and points towards the ceiling…yook my house as she moves her finger in a circular motion. we smiled and said Yup, this is our home. She walks back towards the bathroom, puts the book on the sink and points to the pig and goats and  says “yook” See them at the Zoo! Then she says c’mon….heads downstairs and points to the table in the book, and then points to our table. Yook….points to the chair in the book and then points to our chair. Yook, points to the clock in the book and then heads upstairs while Charles, Ava and I follow her upstairs. she looks for the clock in out bedroom, but we couldn’t find it. I tell her…there’s a clock in the bathroom. She gets wide-eyed and says’ c’mon! We walk towards the bathroom, and she points at the clock in the book, and then she points to our clock.

Ava wants in on the fun now too, so she points to the clock in the book,and then points to the clock our clock. We go back downstairs, and Charles asked me how this started, and if I had ever seen her do this before. I told him I had never seen her do this before, and started to explian to him how this all came about. I told him how it started and we both sat there amazed. We know that she has always known what a door, window are, or socks and shoes, but there was something almost magical about the way she connected the words and pictures in the book to everything around the house, or where she saw things outside.
For once instead of trying to rush bedtime along, or getting frustrated because they want to read one more book, we traveled inside the mind of our 3.5yr old. We saw the world through her eyes for just a few minutes. It was amazing and something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life! all of the wonder, and excitement. No wonder they can’t settle down, everything is exciting and a learning experience for them. They have only been here 3 years….just imagine if this is how they see the world everyday. With wonder and excitement, looking and learning, smiling, laughing, being curious, Showing you what you have helped her learn over the past 3.5 years…. just being a child. Our children are so amazing. Childhood is precious and goes way too fast. So stop what your doing, or stop rushing, or dreading one more book, or one more question. Sometimes just stop and enter into your childs “Yook” moments. I promise you will be glad you did.



  1. I have a three who also asks me to Yook! all of the time 🙂 She also thanked God for her cute Yips in her prayers the other night 🙂

    They do have a way of making life pretty beautiful.

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