Posted by: Darcel | July 3, 2008

What a day!

I took Charles to work today, and went to run some errands. I hate days like today. The girls are still feeling a little iffy I guess. We went to Target, and I had to leave because they were both being so whiny and loud. I just couldn’t deal, so I left. Ava wasn’t happy being worn or being put down. she would ask to be up, I would put her up in the wrap. Then she wanted down, so I put her down in the cart next to Nakiah. Nothing was going to make her happy today. I think she’s teething again, too.
It’s been like this all day today. She’s been clingy and whining non-stop. Nakiah is in that stage where she has a million questions all the time.

Nakiah did the cutest thing today though. I took my earrings out and she tried to hide and out them in her ears. It’s cute because she doesn’t have her ears pierced. She’s always trying to do stuff like that. she loves to play in my makeup, loves my lipgloss. I picked up a cute little container of sparkly lipgloss for her from Target. It was only a $1, but she didn’t like it because it wasn’t like mine.
Yup, I’m raising two little DIVA’s….don’t know where they get this sassy attitude from 🙂


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