Posted by: Darcel | May 20, 2008

One day at a time

I’m feeling pretty good these days. It’s been 5 days back on my meds. I can feel a difference already. Maybe it’s because my body is used to this particular one, I dunno, not gonna question it. I’m starting to have fun again. I don’t lose my temper so easily. Charles hasn’t said anything, but I know he’s happy I’m becoming myself again. These past few months were very hard. The past few weeks were torture. It was getting worse everyday. My OCD was getting the best of me, my anxiety was at it’s peak. It feels so good to feel normal again. Well, normal for me. I’m glad I can be the mom my girls need and deserve. I know we’re just getting started, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Now the next step… I want to go to therapy? Yes and no. Do I need it? yes and no. Do I have time? No, but I can make time. I have until the 22nd to decide.  I’ve been in and out of therapy for 3 years, it’s the same thing different doctor. I think I’ll see how I do w/out it through the summer. Blogging, talking with others helps me alot. Sometimes I still ask, why me? I don’t know. Maybe God chose me so I could help someone else later in life, or right now. I’ll have to post about some of my darker times. I remember them like they were yesterday. Not to scare anyone, or not to bring up the past. I just want women and men to know that PPD is very real, but there is help. I’m a voice for PPD awareness


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