Posted by: Darcel | May 17, 2008

Beautiful day!

It was gorgeous today. 77 degrees! Just beautiful, lovely breeze blowing. I hope this kind of weather sticks around for a while.

We had all all around nice day today. I woke up before everyone else. Got ready for work. It felt SO good to get ready and take my time. No one calling me or pulling on me. I have to do this everyday!
Then the girls and Charles woke up. I made them breakfast. Neither of the girls cared for the eggs. Maybe I coked them too long?
Nakiah LOVES waiting for and riding the bus to school. I don’t get to see her off on Friday’s because I have to be at work by 12. But, I did get to greet her getting off the bus today because I got off early. That was nice.

We went to eat, and I thought once we got home Nakiah would’ve wanted to go back out and play, but I guess she had enough of that at school. She just wanted to watch the Lion King. Fine with me. I LOVE that movie! I know all of the songs. Ava even danced and clapped a little bit.

Nakiah took one of her books out and “read” to Ava. So cute! I love watching them together. Sometimes Nakiah tries to get away with being too pushy or bossy with Ava. She thinks she’s the boos of everyone younger then she is. I guess she thinks because my eyes aren’t on her that she can get away with stuff. I’m not deaf though! LOL


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